4/7/13 Channel 5 bridge tarpon fishing

Had an early morning trip this morning going after some tarpon fishing islamorada.  We hit some of the local bridges which often hold fish year round, though in the spring are home to many migrating fish as well.  We did some channel 5 bridge tarpon fishing.  The tide was incoming all morning, we left at 6 AM and hit it early.  No bites in the darkness surprisingly.  Moved around once we could see a bit and found some fish rolling at some other pilings. We had 3 bites on live mullets on the surface though weren’t able to drive the hooks into any of them.  No bites on the bottom baits, and a couple other bust the mullets and miss them.  The tarpon have been around though appears to be mostly local fish.  Though now that the weather is stabilizing I imagine a lot of migrators should show up!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Islamorada Tarpon Fishing