6/17/13 Tarpon fishing in Flamingo

Well haven’t been targeting the poons for a few days, took a couple days off and the other trips I had were for other things.  But it’s been good from what I hear the boys around town said yesterday morning they bit pretty well locally around islamorada.  We went into the backcountry today looking for sharks which we actually had trouble finding.  But we did catch 1 out of 3 big tarpon back around flamingo on the middle of the in-tide.  Around 9:30 they shut off and no shark bites so we went to a hole out in the gulf.  We caught 4 big goliath groupers there and caught a nurse shark, but no other blacktips, bulls, or lemons.  However I’d rather catch big groupers and tarpons any day!!!  Same crew again tomorrow they are after smaller stuff but maybe we’ll talk them into trying for tarpon just for a little while – we loaded up on mullets this afternoon because there has been a lot more bait around this past week and a half.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk