3/11/14 Islamorada Tarpon Fishing in March

Gorgeous day today.  Flat calm in the morning.  Running in the bay we ran over a good school of mullet.  With my trolling motor and cast net we loaded up on bait pretty quick.  Ran back near islamorada bridges where there had been some fish.  Last of the incoming tide we had 3 bites, caught 1 on live, 1 on dead, and jumped another one off.  As soon as tide turned and wind picked up a bit though the fish stopped rolling and showing.  They did not feed really the rest of the day on the falling water, very weak tide with not much current, only last 4 hours or so…  Best bet I think the next couple days is fishing the morning incoming tide around town!  Anyways caught 2 nice fish plus some sharks to finish up.  Yesterday we tried some tarpon fishing in the backcountry and around town… no bites we did not really see much for fish in the back, though around town in the afternoon we did see a good big group.  But they didn’t want to feed, though this morning that is the same place we fished and it was a different story!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk