6/22/14 Everglades Tarpon Fishing in June

Back to tarpon fishing today.  We caught mullet in the backcountry around some islands first things.  Got a good crack on them about 4 dozen or so.  We fished a channel close by, tide had just started in.  We saw a few fish roll and after a little bit we were hooked up.  We caught 2 out of 4 fish, mostly smaller fish in the 30-40 lb range, but a tarpon is a tarpon!  We got some sharks too.  After that we caught some dinner, mangrove snappers, and some more sharks.  We tried another channel for the last hour and got a nice big tarpon of almost 100 lbs, plus a couple big sting rays.  Nice end to the day, 3 for 5 tarpon.  The summer everglades tarpon fishing is getting better.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk