8/1/14 August Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Well its getting later in the summer.  Thankfully mini lobster season is over the last couple days it has been PACKED here and lots of googans swimming in the water making things very dangerous for boat operators.  It’s time for august tarpon fishing in islamorada and the rest of the keys.  Today we ran way in the backcountry off the beaches of the mainland.  Found some good tarpon we went 2 for 5 back there, catching a couple smaller 30-40 lb fish.  We did lose a big 100ish lber my angler simply had too much pressure as he palming the spool with the fish way out.  Remember we fish light drags for a reason in the beginning for tarpon, more pressure is not the answer especially in open water we simply chase the fish and when he settles down then we apply more pressure.  Your not going to stop him with drag it just makes it much easier for them to throw the hook!  We got into some mongo snook too which was pretty cool catching 4 snook in the 10 to 15 lb range.  Later in the day we caught some pilchards and for the last hour we caught some smaller snook and also a couple of baby tarpon in the 5-10 lb range, awesome!  So great day 4 tarpon august is off to a great start here in the florida keys!

I did a little bit of tarpon fishing on 7/29/14 and things were tough that day we had no bites in the morning just a couple sharks, not even much action with them.  We ended up getting into a few snook to end our day and we jumped one baby tarpon on pilchards.  So was very nice to see fishing today be very productive hopefully it stays that way.  The wind switching back to the east I think helped a lot, southwest wind when it is hot is not really good for much!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk