3/6/15 March Tarpon Fishing in Everglades Backcountry

More tarpon action today in the backcountry.  Winds laid down to 5-10 mph, very nice.  We found fish in the channels we’d been fishing all this last week.  However they did not bite great today surprisingly.  We did hook a nice one right off the bat, about 120 lbs, and landed him.  We set back up and had a bit of shark activity, and finally jumped another fish.  Waited on the tide change hoping the incoming tide would be better, alas it was just more shark bites.  A couple other boats out there and each had a bite or two, but not the ‘red hot’ action we were hoping for.  We tried a couple other spots and ended up getting another tarpon and a few sharks to finish the day.  2 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk