3/11/15 March Tarpon Fishing Report

Tough day again today.  Had two half day trips.  This morning we caught snappers for dinner and that was good.  We tried just for a little bit at the end for tarpon, but no bites.  We did have a cuda on for a little bit, and something else zing the bottom rod but not sure what it was.  After that I had a mid day tarpon trip.  I normally don’t book mid day trips but was booked while I was out of town so just went with it.  We tried hard but just did not see many fish around.  Found a few rolling near one of the bridges but they weren’t too active plus lots of boats, jetskis, etc… running around.  Actually got our lines ran over literally by 3 jet skis.  So a tough afternoon again no bite even.  Hopefully some more fish will show up here soon.  Full day tomorrow I have my fellow from yesterday, so we may try some different stuff but will likely give tarpon a little try anyways.  0 for 0