4/26/15 Half Day Tarpon Fishing Florida Keys

Had Darrell and Todd out for the last morning today.  We cut it to a half day since they had to get to the airport.  Bait was a little tougher this morning.  Didn’t see much early though we found some on the way back and got a good crack on them.  We fished around town locally had 1 bite right off the bat and got him up near the boat and had wind on leader on our rod, but then he jumped off.  So a long distance release.  We had a couple cheap shots after that and then it quieted down.  A couple other boats around us had hooked up but not crazy action.  We went down to another bridge and lots of boats were sitting and waiting.  We tried for a bit then ran back into the bay to another spot.  We put baits out and hooked a nice 60 lb fish we fought for a little while and landed.  That was about it we headed in around 10:30 so they could catch their flight.  So a little slower than the last couple days but overall they still had stellar fishing.  2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk