6/25/15 Late June Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys

Well more tarpon fishing today.  Yesterday we did other stuff and had fun with trout, snapper, snook, and other creatures.  Today my angler Ian came from Australia with his family, his son Oliver was fishing today too.  He had hopes of landing his first swordfish and silver king. Unfortunately swordfishing yesterday they had a fish on the leader within sight and pulled the hook on him.  A heartbreaking loss though that is fishing!  Anyways we left out early today and caught some bait on the way back.  Mostly large black mullets the silvers have thinned out, a few throws and we had 3 dozen baits.  We fished off the beaches of the cape and saw tons of fish early.  Moved around quite a few times though they were just not biting we saw a few other boats and nobody we saw hooked up.  Lots of sharks kept us busy though and Oliver had a great time catching them.  We ran further up the beach and found some more fish later on as the tide was quitting.  I decided to wait until the tide turned since we had seen fair numbers of fish and eventually we got into a good tarpon bite.  Ian caught 2 out of 4 and was thrilled and Oliver landed 15 sharks total.  It took some patience but in the end persistence paid off.  Sometimes you have to fish all day to get those few cracks at the silver king!  A couple days ago we did tarpon fish back there most of the day in the harder southeast wind.  We only had 1 bite we missed and lots of sharks.  0 for 1 and 2 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk