5/14/16 Everglades May Tarpon Fishing

Today we got out after the tarpon we caught some mullet on the way out.  It was calm and found some balls out near the gulf.  Wasn’t easy but eventually got a decent throw.  Anyways didn’t see much for tarpon off the beaches and mainland areas but did get some sharks.  So we ran back towards some channels and had some luck there.  Ended up catching two in about 30 minutes, after that it shut down.  After that we caught a few fish for dinner.  2 for 2

Also yesterday we caught a big tarpon on a pilchards while snook fishing in the creeks.  1 for 1

And tonight we got out for an evening trip not much action early but caught one around 8:30 fished a little later hours.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk