6/4/16 June Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys

Got out again with Dave & Dave for some tarpon fishing in the florida keys.  We had enough bait leftover again so we got right to fishing.  I tried a different channel where a buddy of mine had caught them good yesterday later in the day.  Saw a few rolling there but no dice, and not many fish really either.  I then ran to where we got them in the morning the previous day and boy things changed.  We saw one little group of fish roll a few times, but that was about it.  Was pretty calm too so I’m sure we would’ve seen some more activity if a slug of them were in there.  Anyways we had a couple sharks and that was it.  I then ran towards flamingo and we saw one roll as I was running.  I shut down quickly and looked around and saw several rolling in the area… just what I was hoping for!  We set up and had to move around a little bit, but eventually got them going.  We ended up catching three out of five in about 45 minutes, good fishing for sure!  All little guys in the 20-40 lb range.  After that we tried out off the beach again like the previous day, though no love just a few more shark bites.  Wind definitely picked up blowing 15-20 now and suppose to continue for the next several days plus a lot of rain forecast… We will see hopefully we can get out but fishing may get a little tougher for a few days.  3 for 5

Capt. Rick Stanczyk