6/17/16 Backcountry Islamorada Tarpon Report

Very tough fishing today we had originally scheduled a 3/4 day but ended up cutting to a half.  No bait around in the morning I brought some frozen stuff and I had a handful of fresh baits from a couple days ago that were still on good ice.  Stiff west breeze and falling tide, ugly water, didn’t see a fish in the morning.  We fished pretty hard a couple of the channels where the tarpon were a few days ago, and didn’t get much of anything.  Not a sniff the first hour, then the 2nd spot later we did catch a teeny blacktip and a sting ray.  After an hour of that, we decided to catch a few small things to bend the rod.  A few ladyfish and I saw some trout chasing the baits but we didn’t entice a bite.  After 20 minutes of that the guys decided to call it a half day and we went in.  Just when things had started getting better, we get crappy wind again.  Really I’m about over this hard, tough year!  No tarpon fishing today we are just bending the rod, will probably be forgoing it on Sunday as well.  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk