8/25/16 August Islamorada Tarpon Fishing in the Everglades

Had Roger and Susan out fishing for tarpon today they were down from the Treasure Coast of South Florida.  The weather slowed us down a little this morning there was a big cell over the bay so we had to wait a little bit and run the long way around it but still got back in the backcountry fairly early.  Bait was easy we loaded up on mullet in once toss of the cast net.  We fished around Flamingo first and caught the last couple hours of the incoming tide.  A few fish in one of the channels to start however they were only rolling for a little bit and we never had any bites but did catch a few different sharks including a lemon and spinners.  After that we went to another close by channel and had a tarpon free jump practically right between our baits, I would of swore he was hooked but no drag ever pulled.  Anyways no more bites and we ran back to the channel where we had caught fish the last couple days.  We found a few tarpon after moving around a little but they had ‘lock jaw’ and didn’t want to play.  We landed a few more sharks and then as we were running to check another channel I saw one free jump in the open bay just outside the channel.  We stopped and saw some more roll and a few bust, so we set up to give it a little longer.  Eventually we got one to bite and Roger landed his first tarpon, a nice 50 lber.  After that we decided to catch some small stuff and got into some trout and a few ladyfish.  Was glad to get another tarpon, very surprising how tough they have been to get to bite, but that’s not been uncommon this year!  Fun fishing tomorrow and then suppose to go out of town if this storm doesn’t change our plans.  So may not have any reports for a while.

September we can still catch some tarpon, barring a hurricane the conditions are usually fairly good.  There aren’t always tons of fish around but you can definitely find some of the residents.  October is usually even a little better too!  If you are interested in going don’t hesitate, drop me a line!  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk