10/1/16 October Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Back at it again after a nice little Bahamas vacation and a few extra days at home to catch up on some things.  We fished today in the backcountry for tarpon and got a nice early start.  Caught some bait on the way out it was nice and easy.  We found tarpon in several areas, definitely still a lot around!  The wind today though was honking out of the north/northeast so I was worried they might be tough to find, though guys the last few days when it was flat calm said there were plenty.  It’s very nice to see this late in the year.  Anyways we didn’t have much luck early on we found fish but they wouldn’t bite, and one other area was dead.  But we found some at the 3rd stop and managed to get a couple bites and land a couple there.  Plenty of sharks kept us busy too.  In the afternoon we ran out towards the beaches and fished out there and we saw absolutely tons of fish in this area.  They were free jumping, busting, rolling, just about everywhere you looked!  They didn’t want to bite very well though but we managed to trick one in the last hour of our day.  Anyways we made all 3 bites count and it was a fun day tarpon fishing in October.  3 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk