2/15/17 February Tarpon Fishing in the Everglades

Got out with Jim and Gwen today, two of my longest running customers and some of my favorites.  Winds were kicking out of the southwest pretty good as we have another front coming in.  We had some bait left over from a few days ago and we hit the channels looking for some tarpon.  We found them in the first place we stopped, had nice falling tide that would last most of the day.  We caught a few sharks early then Jim jumped a nice tarpon over 100 lbs!  Too bad he didn’t stay on the hook though…  After that we moved around a bit and caught a couple more sharks, then Gwen hooked a nice 70 lb tarpon that we landed.  A good fight we had to chase it for a while but got some nice pictures by the boat.  After that the tarpon seemed to slow down, so we tried another part of the channel.  Saw a few on the bottom machine but no more bites, but we did catch some more sharks and a ‘mud marlin’ sawfish.  After that it got rougher and we hid around the islands to catch some snappers for dinner and came home.  With the front coming in tonight and tomorrow, I imagine the tarpon will slow down for a few days again… suppose to get down around 60 and they definitely don’t like that!  But not going to get cold until tomorrow night so maybe there will be a shot tomorrow morning.  1 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk