3/1/17 March Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Got out with Brian and Trevor today.  We did a mixed bag trip and gave tarpon a try for part of the day.  We caught some mullet in the muds on the way out, so had plenty of good fresh bait.  Mackerels were good in the morning.  We tried the backcountry channels later on for sharks/tarpon.  Not much activity back there though again today, yesterday it was slow too.  I did mark a few fish that I’m pretty sure were tarpon, but no bites just a couple small blacktips and a big nurse shark.  We then did some more light tackle stuff and caught some trout.  Finished up near home again in the channel where we caught one yesterday.  We hit it right at the tide change and I thought once the tide got going, we’d for sure get a shot.  But again no bites, we hooked a big sting ray that cut us off and that was it.  I did see some fish roll and several on the bottom too… None of the 4 boats there got a bite.  Anyways we gave it a good hard shot, hopefully it’ll be better tomorrow!  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk