4/26/17 Everglades Florida Keys April Tarpon Fishing

Got out with the crew from RI again today.  We did a 3/4 day and ran back into the everglades.  Had good falling tide until a little after 10:00 or so, gave us a good 3 hour window of fishing.  We saw quite a few busting and jumping tarpon in the area.  Our sister boat got on a couple early, we only had shark bites sitting about 30 yards away.  We moved around but still no luck.  We then moved a bit further out where we had seen fish busting, and ended up catching a couple smaller tarpon out there in the 25-40 lb range.  Was glad to get ’em!  Our sister boat caught one out there as well.  After the tide quit it slowed down and we made our way back home.  Full day tomorrow, not sure if I’ll head back there again it is nice to get away from the crowd of 20 boats around the bridges!  2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk