5/2/17 May Bridge Fishing for tarpon in the Florida Keys

Got out with the Stepan Polymers group today which we have for the next 3 days as well.  The boys wanted meat to start with so we focused on our mangrove snappers and had decent luck with that though we had to work at it and fish multiple areas to get some good size ones.  We decided to try for tarpon in the afternoon.  We headed back towards the big bridge at Long Key around noon time, however we caught the very end of the falling tide and slack water after that.  I didn’t feel like waiting on the tide and didn’t see much for fish either so we ran back towards home and fished some other local bridges.  Saw quite a few fish on the bottom and we set up, eventually getting a bite fairly quickly and Aneil landed a nice 140 lb tarpon!  We set back up and I thought it might be a good window of fishing with  the tide coming in good now, but after that we never had another sniff…  Anyways was glad to have gotten a tarpon.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk