7/30/17 Florida Keys July Tarpon Fishing

Got out with Rylan, Caden, and Maddy Grace today down from Pensacola.  They come every year for the lobster mini season usually.  We also had Capt. Jim Willcox with the other part of the party.  We kind of did our own things, I focused on tarpon.  Bait was decent this morning and we found plenty of tarpon.  We had a pretty good southwest wind, not my favorite.  I was worried the fishing might get tough, but they didn’t seem to mind.  We had 5 tarpon bites in the first stop in about a 2 1/2 hour period!  Unfortunately we had trouble keeping them on, we got one fish to the boat for pictures, and another we got on the leader though he took off underneath the boat and got wrapped around my transducer and cut off… a technical catch but still leaves you feel wanting afterwards.  After the tide quit we went and caught a bunch of ladyfish for fun and saved a few of them for bait.  Then we tried another channel where I found tarpon in the afternoon yesterday.  We had a couple bites there too, jumped one, and then hooked one that again we got up to the leader next to the boat, and he took off and we pulled the hook.  But we got 1 up for pictures at least and it was great action along with some sharks.

I’m booked tomorrow and then off tuesday, but again I’m open all through the rest of the week expect Saturday.  Can’t promise it’ll stay like this, but as you can see from my blog the tarpon fishing has been pretty stellar the last several days.  August can be a great time!  3 for 7

Capt. Rick Stanczyk