8/2/17 August Tarpon Fishing Islamorada

Got out with Luke and his dad Stuart today, down from NC they were after some tarpon.  I told them fishing had been very good.  I was using another skiff as my boat is now out of the water getting some work done.  We had some bait from the other day and went to work.  Same routine as the previous several days, the fish were there!  Luke caught one right away a nice 50 lber, then a shark, then dad got a tarpon that was a little bigger maybe but pretty close, and another shark, and then things quieted down for us there.  We hit another channel and saw fish roll as soon as I pulled up, several as a matter of fact.  I knew it’d be good and soon we were hooked up again, Stuart landed another nice fish, then we hooked a double header!  A larger fish of 60 lbs or so, and a little 30 lber.  We got both fish to the boat for pictures, just incredible fishing!  After that Luke jumped off another tarpon, well actually we got wrapped around the other line I think and it cut through.  After that we caught some dinner on the way home.  It was just a banner day of fishing, and it’s as good as tarpon fishing gets right now!  I just booked a few more days this month, but I have tomorrow open then fishing Friday and Saturday, but after that I have plenty of dates next week.  If you want to tango with the silver king, now is a very good time.  5 for 6

Capt. Rick Stanczyk