8/17/17 3/4 day tarpon trip in Islamorada

Got out with Scott and Sherry down from Atlanta.  It was their 20th wedding anniversary and they wanted to try catching some tarpon – sounded like a great idea to me!  We headed out early and caught some bait on the way.  Bait was a little tougher we had the falling tide early on which has been a bit harder for our bait catching.  Just had to work at it and got extra messy with grass and weeds, but we got plenty of bait.  We caught the tide starting in when we got to our fishing area.  I didn’t see a whole lot of tarpon activity where we had been the last few days, so I slid further down just to fish some numbers where I’d figured they’d of been too.  We eventually saw a few roll and caught some sharks.  Then we pitched a bait out and Sherry hooked up a nice 75 lb tarpon almost instantly!  She fought him well and we got the leader to our rod tip, but he just wouldn’t roll over and unfortunately ended up throwing the hook before we could get some good boat side pictures.  But a legal catch none the less.  After that we caught a few more sharks, and then moved the boat over where we had seen more fish roll.  Soon after that it was Scotts turn and he hooked a fish of similar size.  This one fought very hard too we got him to the leader as well for an official catch, but this one we ended up just pulling the hook without a jump even.  Just bad luck for our boat side pictures today, but the fish don’t always cooperate for those!  But they got some good video of him and I got one decent jumping picture at least.  After that things slowed down for us we saw a couple triple tails but didn’t get a good shot at them, had a couple more shark and sting ray bites, and then some storms blew in and it started blowing like crazy right before it was time to head home.  Fishing seemed to slow down a little from what it was the last couple of days, but those days can spoil you as two tarpon in a day is always good with me.  Scott and Sherry said they’d be back with their son Zack next time to catch some more silver kings, I’m looking forward to it!  2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk