3/2/18 March Tarpon Fishing Full Day in Islamorada

Got out with Dave and Frank again for day two today.  Yesterday we had really good fishing but today the conditions definitely were changing.  A cold front is coming in, though the temperatures hadn’t dropped but the winds did swing around from southeast to northwest.  It wasn’t cranking though maybe 5-10 mph in the morning then picked up to 15 mph on the way home.  We made the long run to where we had caught the tarpon the last couple days.  Today though they up and disappeared!  That’s part of the gamble with that though… it can be absolutely epic or it can be listening to the crickets for hours.  We did manage to find one group of fish though but we didn’t get a bite out of them.  Though our sister boat that was fishing the other part of the party did catch one there at least.  We had a few sharks and rays too.  We tried a channel on the way home in the bay but no signs of life there, we fished it hard for 45 minutes and then called it a day.  With the temperatures dropping and the tarpon fishing being as fickle as it is, might give it a break for a few days until it gets nice again.  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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