3/23/18 Full Day post cold front Islamorada tarpon Fishing

Got out for a full day with Jason and Tammy today down from Maine.  Jason had a dream of catching a tarpon though I told him chances might be slim with the cold front we had that came in the past couple days.  Water temperatures plummeted into the mid 60s and low 60s in some areas of the bay, plus locally we are in the midst of a terrible algae bloom that hopefully will be getting pushed out to sea soon.  Anyways we opted to fish mostly for other things but gave the tarpon a try for the last hour of the day.  Seemed to be the right move as that was when the wind laid out some, and the water warmed up to at least the 69 degree range.  We did see a few tarpon around but unfortunately not very happy we didn’t get a bite, but did hook a big shark and a sting ray.  We had fun in the morning though with snappers, sheepshead, and mackerel.  Anyways I think maybe tomorrow might be a better bet the winds are suppose to swing back to the easterly direction but the water temperatures still won’t be great… but at least in the range where you may have a shot.  Sunday is suppose to be pretty calm though so that may be the day things warm back up and get back in ‘the zone.’  Though this week looks to be windy with the winds kicking up hard out of the east.  But will be better for tarpon then the cold that’s for sure.  I’m off tomorrow but available sunday if anyone wants to give it a go… as I said conditions look favorable!  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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