4/3/18 + 4/4/18 Florida Keys April Tarpon Fishing Report

4/3/18 – Got out with Terrence and his son Shavon for a full day of tarpon fishing.  The bite was really good we got a couple fish landed early on in the first hour.  We moved around a bit and then jumped off 4 fish in a row so a little bad luck on hooking them there.  But good action overall!  We ended up getting another big tarpon after that a 120 lber.  We had a few sharks after that and then when the tide started in we had one more tarpon bite that we missed right before it was time to go home.  3 for 8

4/4/18 – Got out with Al and Walt today for a full day.  Little tougher today for us it’s gotten so busy in the areas I like to fish just absolutely crazy loaded with boats.  I haven’t seen it so busy like that in my life… can’t wait until the fishing around town turns on more so hopefully they’ll dissipate some!  Anyways we had some sharks early, had tarpon around us but they didn’t bite for us.  My buddy got in the right place though and he had quite a few bites fishing the other part of the party we had.  We tried setting up nearby but wasn’t happening for us.  I finally went and tried somewhere else by myself and we got into a good school.  Al landed a nice 150 lb fish.  Then we jumped another one off.  Then Walt got one that was almost the same size!  Both big fish took a good 45 minutes to land.  We jumped one more fish off after that.  Then things dried up we caught a few more sharks and then ran out of bait and called it a day.  Caught some bait on the way home for tomorrow as I have this crew again.  Getting out early tomorrow to beat the crowds hopefully get a good hour in before everybody shows up.  2 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing