6/14/18 June Tarpon Fishing Full Day Florida Keys

Got out for the last day with Ron and Charlie.  We opted for the deep ‘glades run again because it’s been the best thing going for me lately.  Today we were lucky it got even better than yesterday, seems like each day has been better and better!  We had a few boats ahead of us there, I think it was the last day of a fly tournament.  But we stopped in on some fish away from everybody.  Put our lines out for a bit but didn’t get a bite at first stop.  We looked inside where one of the fly guys had left, and didn’t see anything really.  We went back out where we were, and then we were surrounded by fish!  It got pretty fast and furious and we kind of lost track of things.  But we ended up getting three tarpon to the hand, and a couple more to the leader that jumped off or pulled the hooks but got technical releases on.  We also got a big 12 lb snook which was awesome.  Had a double header tarpon as well as the snook and tarpon at the same time.  Unfortunately one of the tarpon on the double came off boatside so we couldn’t get the pic.  Anyways just crazy good action, so much fun!  When the tide turned I think we jumped one more tarpon off and then the sharks moved in.  Big lemon sharks.  The tarpon were pretty much gone then, we looked around for a lap but didn’t see much.  We finished the day catching a bunch of trout on our artificials.  Tomorrow I have a group trip so it’ll be standard departure time and I don’t think I’ll be doing this, will be good to give them a break for a day I think.  But likely back at it Saturday with my regular customers Sarah and Barry who are down from across the pond in Scotland.  Great way to end three days with Ron and Charlie, I think they might be spoiled now though!  5 for 11

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing

P.S. Again all tarpon pictured are under 40 inches so we are allowed to pick them up for photographs.  Though of course we are very careful to not wipe off slime, drop them on boat, and release them healthily to fight again another day.