6/16/18 June Tarpon Fishing Islamorada

Got out with my regulars Sarah and Barry who are over from Scotland.  We did the early morning deep everglades run as I told him it’d been very good the last several days.  Unfortunately today though it was a different ball game!  There were a few fish back there – nothing like what we saw yesterday though.  We moved a few times and I thought we’d of gotten a bite, but they did not want to play.  We hooked several sharks and sting rays and that was it.  After a couple hours I figured it wasn’t gonna happen.  We back tracked and caught a few trout and jacks on our light gear.  Then we found a few tarpon in one of the channels that I normally fish in the summer time.  This was good to see we caught a nice 60 lber for Sarah and some triple tails as well and a few more sharks.  I had seen one roll in the channel yesterday so I figured it might be worth it to take a look.  This is good news and hopefully it means some summer time fish will get in their usual haunts.  Funny how quickly things can change back there though.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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