4/10/19 April Tarpon Fishing in South Florida

Fished around town again with Nathan and Jeff.  The bite was decent we had a few shots in the morning in the first hour, missing one bite and the hooking one that we jumped off.  A couple other cheap shots that missed the live baits too.  After that things went quiet for us.  Seemed a lot quieter too over all, a handful of boats caught fish but most did not.  We stuck it out waiting for the tide to turn and hoping it’d turn on but it didn’t seem to happen.  Weather kept us from going much further, had to hide under the bridge for 30 minutes while a squall went through.  After that we ran and tried another area where we had luck yesterday.  Today it worked out again, and Nathan got a nice 90 lb fish.  We got her to the boat several times but she snapped the line before we could roll her over on a last little splurge.  But we got another one later about a 60 lber to finish the day, and jumped off one more tarpon.  So a lull in between, sometimes its tough to sit through especially with so many other boats around but right now the tarpon fishing is just better locally so you have to stick with it.  Unfortunately when there are 20 boats in an area you can’t always just move where you want if you see fish or whatever, and its often just luck of the draw which boats are in the fish that are biting.  But we always give it a good effort and do what we can!  That’s why I prefer the backcountry fishing but right now there are just a lot more tarpon locally.  2 for 5

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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