5/23/19 Tarpon Fishing Islamorada in May

Windy day but a good one with Don and Vicki. Don wanted a tarpon so we went after that first. We were lucky and got one right off the bat, a nice 70 lber. Aftwards we got a few sharks, and we decided to keep moving and try some other things. Got into a few snook, Vicki landed a real nice one. But the sharks were bad we lost a few to them, and had to lock our drags down to try and get the fish in quicker so we broke the rest off before the sharks could get them. We switched gears and fished some other areas for reds. Didn’t find a big group of them, but got one nice one along with a few trout and other things. Afterwards we tried a different snook area, Don got a nice one but then again another shark showed up! We lost one to him and hooked a few more but again pulling so hard to keep them from being eaten we didn’t get any more in the boat. Oh well it was still a great day and Don got a slam. Off the next couple days looks like the wind will blow, then getting a little nicer next week hopefully.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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