7/11/19 July Tarpon Fishing in the Keys

Great day with Brandon and his wife Gosia visiting from Canada! They were after tarpon and didn’t mind mixing it up a little either. I told them that wouldn’t be a bad idea, as the tarpon had been a little hit and miss lately. We started looking for bait, which took a bit but we got into a good area and caught what we needed eventually. We looked for tarpon in a couple spots and didn’t see much. I decided to look elsewhere, where I thought I had seen some tarpon activity the day before but wasn’t 💯sure of. Anyways we got there and sure enough saw some signs of life. We set up and soon Gosia had a nice 50 lb tarpon on! She fought him well and we got some good pics. We lined up on a other fish and it was Brandon’s turn. He got a 35 lber to the hand! We had one more zip is that we missed, and then caught a couple sharks. Weather started to build and get near, but soon broke up and it was nice afterwards staying overcast for a while. We then found some redfish and had fun with them, and Gosia got a snook for a Backcountry slam! We finished the day chasing tripletail again, and caught quite a few I think 10 or so. Headed home after that, nice productive day and always lovely when everything you try works and things just click. Hasn’t been so easy lately especially with the poons, but that’s fishing! Last couple days I fished we did not target tarpon, but had plenty of reds, tripletails, and big lemon sharks.  2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing