9/29/19 + 10/5/19 october islamorada tarpon fishing!

9/29/19 – Been tough to keep up with things lately and forgot to post.  But we had a great day fishing a 3/4 day in the everglades with kevin & kevin.  We had great action with snook, a few juvenile goliath groupers, a couple redfish, and topped it off with a nice 15 lb tarpon!  Spectacular fishing on a windy day.  1 for 1

10/5/19 – Got out with Alan and Glen today for a full day.  We mixed it up a bit and got lucky and got a tarpon right off the bait, a bit unexpectedly on our jig and shrimp.  But there were some rolling around and we got in the right spot!  After that we caught some nice black drum, a few big snook, a handful of redfish, and then as many smaller snook as you could shake a stick at.  Good fishing again!  1 for 1

I have not been focusing 100% on tarpon too much, really seems that i’ve had the best luck fishing for other things and getting the chance tarpon bite.  When ya go all in I’ve just not had as much luck for whatever reason.  But fishing is stellar none the less if you are up for a mixed bag with a chance at tarpon!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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