December Islamorada Tarpon Fishing

Did you know Islamorada is one of the only destinations worldwide that you can go tarpon fishing year round?  Yes it is true the spring and summer are often better due to the ‘spring tarpon migration‘.  However resident tarpon live around Islamorada and in the Florida Everglades year round.  The weather is going to dictate whether or not it is feasible to fish for them – they really do not like cold weather so when a cold front is chilling down the water temperatures it will likely not help your cause fishing for tarpon in islamorada.  However, if temperatures are above 70 degrees you should have a shot.  The resident tarpon are usually smaller in size than the migrators, however they often still can reach 100 lbs, however average more in the 40-60 lb range.  In the spring time it is not uncommon to have fish 150 lbs or better rolling next to your boat!  Now while december islamorada tarpon fishing is likely going to be one of the slowest months in general for tarpon fishing, that doesn’t mean it is impossible.  For instance, this year up until now the water temperatures have still been 75 degrees.  While I myself have not fished for any tarpon, I have seen a few around in different areas.  From the local bridges such as channel 5 and channel 2, all the way back to around flamingo and further west to cape sable we’ve been seeing islamorada tarpon.  This time of year, with the right water temperature, it’s likely just a matter of finding some fish – they will be somewhere!  However your guide will explain the odds, often times we are just not in ‘tarpon mode’ so we haven’t been actively fishing for them, and while we may be able to check a couple spots, it may not be feasible to spend a lot of time looking.  So have fun when your visiting and remember it’s possible for december florida keys tarpon fishing!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

December islamorada tarpon