8/23/16 August Islamorada Tarpon Fishing Report

Got out today for some tarpon at first we were going to try for snook, but the bait wasn’t very cooperative so we bailed on that plan.  We were able to still catch some mullet a little later in the morning after that.  Fished the last of the incoming tide around flamingo and had a few fish around but they didn’t bite.  When the tide quit we ran to some other channels and the fish were in their pretty good.  We saw several roll and bust as we stopped and set up.  Eventually we hooked a nice 75 lber that we landed.  After that the fish seemed to have moved on we caught a couple little sharks.  Moved the the channel and saw a few more rolling but no bites just a few more little sharks.  Kept moving down and caught a few more sharks and eventually saw some more fish rolling.  We moved a couple more times and eventually got another bite catching a nice 90 lb fish.  After that we went off the beaches and caught some big lemon sharks and a couple other things.  Good to see a decent amount of fish though they weren’t super happy as I would’ve guessed we would of had at least a couple more bites, but glad we made both count!  2 for 2

 Capt. Rick Stanczyk