8/20/16 Late august islamorada tarpon fishing report

Well I went from hero to zero today things were very tough.  Had the same crew from yesterday.  We caught bait early not super easy but was able to put enough together.  We ran out to the beaches where the fish were yesterday though this morning they were not to be seen… We searched all up and down and didn’t see much.  Did finally see one roll as we were leaving the area and another free jump, so we set up.  Though after 40 minutes we never had a sniff of anything and didn’t see much else.  It stinks when you go all that way and then don’t find ’em, kind of like the kiss of death as you have to backtrack to other spots to fish.  Anyways we then were going to try to snook fish but the bait wasn’t really catchable for what we needed plus that had been tough too and the water didn’t look nice in the creeks, so we kept on after tarpon.  Tried the channels we did see a few in the first spot, but only for a minute and no bite just a few sharks.  Worked our way towards flamingo and hit a few other channels, though not much of anything except a sting ray.  Then ran back to some other areas to catch the start of the incoming tide and caught a few more sharks, and finally saw a couple tarpon roll on a spot but alas no bite out of them.  Not sure where they all went but it looked like a nice calm day that they should’ve loved…  Anyways glad we had such a good day on the previous trip.  Seems to be the story of this year though as I can think of several times where we had a banner day and thought we were dialed in and then had very tough fishing the next day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk