4/28/15 Keys Tarpon Fishing Report

Tougher luck today I had the same customers as yesterday.  They wanted to fish the backcountry again.  Bait was tough this morning we didn’t get any on the early morning run.  Did manage to catch a few mullet on the way back around some of the islands.  We fished the channel we did so well at yesterday afternoon but today it was a different story.  Caught the start of the incoming tide but no tarpon activity just a couple shark bites.  Tried some other channels and only sharks.  We bent the rod with some trout, ladyfish, snapper, and other small things.  Missed one nice snook bite pitching some pinfish at the mangroves.  Then tried in the afternoon for tarpon again though just a sting ray is all we got.  Wind had swung around hard out of the south and fished moved around apparently.  Looks like lots of rain tomorrow not sure if we will get out or not, but have a half day tarpon trip on the books.  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk