4/30/15 Half Day Tarpon Fishing Report

Had a morning half day and evening trip today.  Bait was fairly good this morning we were able to catch enough live bait to fish with and had some dead ones from the previous day.  The morning was tough fishing our conditions weren’t very favorable with a ripping northwest wind.  We found a pile of fish at the bridge on the bayside but they were not very cooperative.  We had a cheap shot bust on a bait early.  Then a little later a fish flash a bait but not eat it.  Then eventually did have a bite but it was near the tide change and the fish came right at us and we werent able to reel quick enough to get tight and set the hook.  Though it is tough to hook them when they come at you.  Anyways that was about it on tarpon action we caught a few sharks and jacks.  Caught a little more bait in the afternoon but it was tough but a few extra livies for the evening.  The evening fishing was pretty good we had consistent action throughout the whole trip.  Good fishing at the bridge we were only able to land 1 fish but we had 5 solid bites plus a few other cheap shots.  Once the tide quit we came back up near home in the channels and had a couple other good bites and cheap shots as well.  Lots of small fish and the mullets were big, plus the tide was fairly weak in the later part of the night again making it tough to feel the bites and get tight on the fish quickly.  Anyways the action was great and we were happy to of landed 1.  0 for 1 and 1 for 7.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk