8/14/14 Flamingo Tarpon Fishing in August

Gave ’em a break yesterday and got a nice day off!  Today we were back at it.  Fishing was pretty good we caught mullet as usual first thing in the morning.  Baits were not real easy but not too tough, had to make about 6 throws to get my 3 dozen baits.  Off to the fishing grounds.  Tide was just starting to fall when we got out there.  Same general area I’ve been fishing this week.  Lots of small blacktips, but got a tarpon eventually.  Then more shark action and then we started seeing a few tarpon blowing up in the area – free jumping!  Soon after we jumped another tarpon, then immediatly after the other rod went off and we hooked that fish.  Landed that tarpon and then some more sharks, but got a 4th bite we landed just before 10:00.  So 3 for 4 on the tarpons, all fish between 30 and 50 lbs, and plenty of blacktip sharks.  Good fishing!  We finished the day with some snook and snapper action.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk