8/12/14 August Backcounty Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Well more fishing off the beaches of cape sable today.  We caught mullet early in the morning, last of the incoming tide in my usual spot they were there.  Ran out off of east cape.  Saw one fish bust and we ran to set up nearby.  Unfortunately a rain storm was close and we got a little wet but nothing too crazy.  We did not have a tarpon bite just a few small sharks so after a little bit we moved further down just where I had caught fish yesterday.  Saw a few bust inshore of us but hung out.  After a bit we finally had a nice tarpon on, caught a 45 lber.  Another 20 minutes later we caught another about 30 lbs.  Very acrobatic summer time fish, one almost jumped in the boat!  We also caught some small sharks again.  Then we fished some structure and caught a small goliath and hooked into a monster blacktip shark!  I saw him jump 100 yards out and it looked like a monster bull shark but they don’t jump like that.  Unfortunately never got a good look at him up close as he took off when we got near him and then we had too much pressure and broke the line.  But all in all a successful morning each angler got a tarpon, then we caught a few nice snappers for dinner!  August florida keys tarpon fishing marches on!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk