4/19/14 Late April cold front tarpon fishing report

Well we had a minor front come in this morning.  Winds were a breeze out of the west this morning then this afternoon it was honking pretty good northwest.  We caught a couple tarpon in the first 2 hours on our morning trip.  After that it seemed to slow down and we moved down to try some live bait spots.  The live mullet were tough this morning, the commercial guys brought some down from key largo so we got a few from them.  We saw plenty of fish at the bridges but they were not interested in the mullets.  This evening we went back to the bridges, the tide was falling and it was ripping!  Unfortunately the mullets were small and not strong enough to keep up with the current.  We were able to fish a handful of stronger larger ones for a couple hours, but only had a couple of cheap shots on them.  Saw a few boats hook fish, but only maybe 3 out of about a dozen boats in 2 hours.  So we ran back up the road and tried my morning spot.  Several boats in there… I hate seeing so many boats in some of our holes where we try to only go when we need to catch one… especially the weekend warriors!  Anyways we fished it hard and had a few pickup and drops, then finally got tight on a nice 80 lb fish.  We chased him through the crab trap buoys and got leader on him, but unfortunately he came unbuttoned before we could get a good picture.  But a release!  So 3 for the day not bad for the conditions!  Looks to be northwest tomorrow and north monday though the wind speed is coming down a bit.  I really hope this is the last of the cold fronts!!!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk