4/18/14 Evening Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Well I had the day off from tarpon fishing yesterday.  My anglers wanted to go in the back and pull on big stuff, mud marlin and sharks.  We did just that and were tight on a half dozen mudsters and another half dozen big lemons all day long.  I was itching to be tarpon fishing though I heard it was going off around town that day and this morning too, but I had this morning off to take care of an oil change and routine maintenance.  You also need to take a morning off here and there it’s nice not to be up at 5 AM!  But we got back on it tonight and fishing was good.  I had Bill from NJ out who had fished here before and was looking to land a nice tarpon.  We had to look around a bit at first I tried some areas that were reportedly good this afternoon with the last of the incoming tide but the fish moved out when the tide changed I guess.  We found them eventually though and the action was hot when we got there!  We caught 3 out of probably 8 solid bites and several other cheap shots which was very exciting, I don’t think we went more than 5 minutes without a fish behind the boat going crazy.  All on live mullet.  One nice 100+ lber that we leadered but he got away before we could get him up for a boatside pic, but the others were a bit easier to handle.  Fun night, looks like a front coming in tomorrow but not going to get real cold but may slow the bite down a little.  Maybe it will put off all the weekend warriors!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk