8/16/14 Florida Keys August Tarpon Fishing Report

Well I can’t get a break people keep wanting to go fishing and I’m just can’t say no especially when the fishing has been this consistent and good!  For tarpon fishing islamorada in august this is excellent!  Had Tom and Kim from Alabama today they ran into me at the dock while cleaning a few fish yesterday.  He wanted to put Kim on a tarpon and wouldn’t mind one himself.  So we did just that, ran in the back caught a few baits.  Baits were there but not real easy but we wrangled up 30 or so.  Had the last of the incoming water I fished a channel for the first 45 minutes since we’d have slack water further out for a while.  No bites just some sharks.  Then we ran out off the beach and caught last little bit of the change of the tide.  More sharks, then once the water started going out we saw a few tarpon free jump.  Finally hooked one and Tom landed it a nice 45 lb fish.  Then Kim got hers a 30 lber that was very acrobatic.  Then we jumped another one off.  And a bunch of blacktips in between to keep us busy!  Ran out of bait and then came home.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk