4/16/14 Islamorada bridge tarpon fishing in April

The tarpon bite was good today despite the weather.  The front that came in last night did not cool things down any.  The wind started out north though came northeast relatively quick.  We had good action at the channel 2 bridge tarpon fishing.  A few bites on the live baits that we missed, then caught one finally – a nice 35 lb fish that was great for pictures.  We ran back and set back up and within 5 minutes had another nice fish up of 85 lbs chasing live mullet.  This time my angler got it right and we hooked him and chased him through the bridge.  Landed him and after that we went out to bend the small rods for a bit.  The afternoon falling tide was good locally we fished the islamorada tarpon channels and we had 2 bites in the last hour, catching our last fish of close to 100 lbs.  Making us 3 for 6 for the day, we also caught a big ‘mud marlin’ that was almost 300 lbs.  Great day tarpon fishing islamorada in april!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk