3/31/17 March Tarpon Fishing Islamorada

Well I must’ve jinxed myself a few days ago when I said fishing was just starting to get good…  The last couple days out have been tough!  Today we ran into the backcountry and the winds were cranking out of the south about 20 mph…  My clients were not die hard for tarpon so I figured going out back would give us some other options as well.  We found a few tarpon in the first channel we fished, but they didn’t want to bite.  We tried for a while and moved a few times, never even had a shark bite!  We did end up catching a small cobia though at least.  We ran further back where there had been tons of tarpon last week, but didn’t see much at all out there.  We did end up catching a couple blacktip sharks though.  We then bent the light rods for a while, caught plenty of trout and ladyfish, and a few for dinner.  We tried for tarpon again near home for the last hour, again saw a few fish but no bite.  I heard a few guys that stuck it out all day fishing around town did have a handful of bites, but the general consensus was you were lucky to get a couple shots for four, five, or six hours of fishing!  Anyways the winds are suppose to die down tonight, hopefully the water will clean back up and the fish will get happier.  I don’t know if I’m tarpon fishing tomorrow, but we’ll see!  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk