4/2/17 April Tarpon Fishing Islamorada

Well got back on the hot fishing again today thankfully.  The winds laid out nicely yesterday.  Yesterday I just had a half day of trout fishing which was good.  Today I had John and his son Jake down from Idaho.  They have a gold mine there.  Today we didn’t find any gold, but we did find a bunch of silver!  I caught some bait early on as it was flat calm so figured it might be tough doing that once the sun was up.  We headed into the backcountry and caught the very start of the falling tide.  Fish were everywhere free jumping, it was nice to see after being back there a few days ago with the wind howling and not seeing much at all.  We got right to it and proceed to catch six tarpon in a row!  They all stayed on the hook until we got the leader, and got several boat side pics with a few of them.  By noon we were pretty much done, we had a couple more bites we missed (averages had to catch up with us at some point!).  We finished the day catching a few trout and ladyfish, and reloaded on mullet on the way home for the next few days.  The wind did pick up a little when we were finishing up with the tarpon, but not too bad.  Tomorrow it looks to be blowing a little more but shouldn’t be too crazy, and then nice the rest of the week until Friday.  Another cold front suppose to his us that night, so that may mess the fishing up again for a few days but hopefully it’ll fizzle out!  6 for 8

Capt. Rick Stanczyk