10/18/14 Cape Sable Tarpon Fishing in October

Well had Alex and Chrissy out today.  Alex wanted a tarpon, and Chrissy enjoyed catching sharks.  So we set out to do just that.  Bait was difficult, found some mullet but with the end of the tide and boats running through everywhere they were on red alert.  We caught a half dozen and another guide gave me a few extras that I have done the same thing for in the past.  Lots of boats out today for casting for cats tournament too… 75 boats this year the most ever!  Anyways we did not have any tarpon action in the morning, fished around flamingo a few channels, never saw any rollers or free jumpers.  We did catch some nice big blacktips though and a big lemon, as well as a couple of black nose sharks.  We looked further off the cape later, and did not see any fish off the beaches, but inside the canal we set up and saw plenty of rolling fish.  Luckily the tide was just starting out so it wasn’t ripping hard.  We caught a ray right off the bat, then soon after a big 100+ lb tarpon grabs the bait and we are off to the races.  After a 30 minute battle we land him, unfortunately he did not stay boat side for long and popped off as we were trying to get pictures.  But a great battle none the less and I’m sure Alex got some good go pro footage.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk