6/9/17 June Tarpon Fishing in the FLorida Keys

Got out with Matt, Steve and Augie today.  Part of a big corporate group trip.  We focused on tarpon.  Had some leftover bait from yesterday and caught some early as I didn’t leave until 7 AM, didn’t see a whole lot of catchable bait out back though there was some if you really needed to scrap a few together.  The tarpon were few and far between, nothing in the first couple channels we fished where they had been pretty consistent the last week.  Hardly even any sharks!  After our 4th move we hit another channel, and sat and waited.  We had a fish free jump behind the boat when the tide started in which gave me some hope.  After another 10 minutes, I marked about 10 fish going by and told the guys to get ready.  A few minutes later, Augie hooked a nice 30 lb tarpon we landed.  After that things dried up.  We caught a few blacktips, then caught some trout and ladyfish for fun, and finished up with a big lemon shark.  Got booked for tomorrow, not sure what we are doing but we should start to have the nice incoming tide early in the backcountry, which makes bait catching a whole lot easier.  Hopefully as the wind swing back to the east and we get off the full moon, some fish will settle into the channels back there.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk