6/8/17 Islamorada June Tarpon Fishing

Last day with Chris and Paul today.  Yesterday we cancelled due to foul weather.  Today it wasn’t as rainy, but the winds were howling at 25 mph southwest…  We did some light rod action first and then tried for some tarpon locally close by.  Didn’t see a whole lot and never had a bite, we saw one boat catch a fish out of about 15 or so that we had ended up fishing near in the 3 spots we hit.  Anyways I was hoping we’d at least get one, but all in all the guys had a great trip, catching 12 tarpon in the 4 days they fished.  They got to see the good and the bad.  Tomorrow I have a full day with a group trip, not sure exactly what we’ll be doing.  Saturday I actually had planned to take off, but since I got a day off yesterday I’ve opened it up.  So if anyone wants to go fishing on Saturday drop me a line, looks like conditions will be much better than today!  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk