6/6/17 Full Day Tarpon Fishing Charter in Islamorada

Got out with Chris and Paul again today, whom I also have the next two days.  They had two great days on Saturday and Sunday.  Today the winds kicked up south, and were really honking by mid day, so I was thinking fishing may be tough.  We struggled with bait in the morning, spent about an hour to catch 15 mullets, and checked multiple areas but didn’t see a whole lot.  Anyways we went to work with that.  We actually had good fishing we caught 3 tarpon in our first stop along with plenty of sharks.  Two of the tarpon Chris had we got to the leader, though unfortunately not to the hand, but landed fish none the less.  Pauls we got to the boat for a nice picture.  I burned through our mullet fast, I’d rather use ’em when I think they are biting then try to stretch it out.  Plus we had seen some mullet up on the flat in some muds.  We went and caught more bait after that, it was tough and we had to make several throws, but finally got them good at the end after I’d almost had enough.  We went right back to the tarpon and immediately put two fish in the air, these ones didn’t stay on at all.  After that it slowed down a bit, we made one more move and Chris got a tarpon that stayed on all the way to the end and we got pictures and freed him.  All in all a great day the most bites I’ve had in recent memory surprising with the snotty conditions.  The next two days it’s suppose to stay windy out of the south, ugh…  Hopefully the fishing will hold up.  Saturday looks like it may get nicer, and sunday the wind is ‘suppose’ to go back out of the east which will be great.  4 for 6

Capt. Rick Stanczyk