6/11/17 June Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Report

Got out with Jeff and his son Jefferson today.  Tarpon was on their list and young Jefferson hadn’t caught one before.  Winds were blowing out of the east thankfully, no more south/west!  Though it was a little breezier than I like but not too crazy.  We headed out early and caught a few baits on the way.  With the last of the incoming tide early, bait should be much easier the next week or so first thing.  The fishing was a little tough, we found a few tarpon in one of the channels where they had been swarming last week, though last time I was there they had disappeared a couple days ago.  We got a bite after 20 minutes and caught a nice 100 lb fish!  After that we caught a few sharks, including a nice little hammerhead.  We ran out off the mainland later on after about 4 different moves with no more tarpon.  We caught the start of the incoming tide, and the sharks bit well but no tarpon.  Some big blacktips kept us busy and a large nurse shark.  Was happy to get one, hopefully the fish will show back up soon once the full moon goes away.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk