4/21/17 Everglades full day tarpon fishing in April

Got out with return customer Darrel Brock today, the first of his 3 days fishing with me.  We caught bait yesterday afternoon good so I had that going for us.  We left early and got out into the backcountry, the ride wasn’t too bad though it was windy with a hard east breeze.  Once we got back there it was nice the first couple hours, then got a little rough but not really too bad for a larger boat like mine.  We found the tarpon right off the bat though they didn’t really bite at first.  We moved several times and tried a few different tactics, then after a couple hours we finally jumped one.  After that we ended up getting 3 more bites, catching a 30 lber, a 60 lber, and 100 lber, along with about 25 blacktip sharks!  It was good action and nice to see the fish biting a little bit.  Funny as soon as it got a little nastier the fish started biting!  The ride home was a little rougher, but really only bad for a little bit.  I think tomorrow we may try the same plan of attack, sunday we have a half day so will definitely be fishing local then.  Hopefully they cooperate!  3 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk