8/16/15 August Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Report

Got booked for today and a few bookings during the upcoming week now.  All of a sudden I have a full week of fishing had to mark tuesday off so I can get a little break!  That’s a good thing though.  Today we fished out back for a 3/4 day.  We left out early and caught some bait on the way.  First stop bait was OK we got one decent throw and then a handful more.  Though stopped in another area since we were waiting on the tide anyhow and got a crushing throw to load the cooler.  We tried around flamingo where there had been a few tarpon as the tide started to fall.  Didn’t see much though we had some good shark activity with some big lemons and blacktips.  After that we ran out west and saw a few tarpon airing out.  Set up and soon we hooked a few big bottom fish and caught a lunker snook!  After that we hooked a nice 50 lb tarpon and caught him.  My angler Zeb was thrilled with his first poon.  We had a large goliath grouper rock us up too.  We tried to get his wife a tarpon after that and moved around a bit where I had seen some fish busting.  Soon she had one hooked up but unfortunately he came unbuttoned.  After that it was time to go home.  Will likely be giving it a go again tomorrow as I have some bait stocked away.  1 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk